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"To Cure Sometimes,

To Relieve Often,

To Comfort Always"


* Preferred name is YingYue (Yīng /jɪn/ Yuè/üe/) or Elaine 

Chinese soprano Zhengyingyue (Elaine) Huang has been an apprentice with Russia International Art Festival in Moscow P. I. Tchaikovsky Conservatory, Russia, San Miguel Institute of Bel Canto in Mexico. She also perform several roles in LAH-SOW Minneapolis opera, Crittenden Opera Workshop, and the Landlocked Opera in the U.S.A. Her past roles include Baba in The Medium, Cio-Cio-san in Madama Butterfly, 2nd Witch in Dido and Aeneas, Mutter in Hänsel und Gretel, the second lady in Die Zauberflöte, Mrs. Gobineau in The Medium, and the title role in Suor Angelica.  Dr. Huang has participated in a variety of music festivals and competitions and has won top prizes in the Russian International Opera Competition, Minnesota NATS competition, Kansas City Musical Club Miller Scholarship Award, and Charleston International Contemporary Music Competition. In addition to opera, she has been working as a pianist at Tyrolean International Piano Academy, Austria. Dr. Huang is an active member of the Music Teachers National Association (MTNA) and the National Association of Teachers of Singing(NATS). A new music enthusiast, she has world-premiered the chamber opera Snow Angel which explores the rediscovery and reclamation of personal identity and agency following a sexual assault of the sole female protagonist. As a musician who is passionate about social justice and ethnic diversity, she founded the Asian Classical Music Initiative in 2021. Asian Classical Music Initiative aims to create a platform for the recognition and celebration of the contributions made by Asian, Asian American and Pacific Islander classical music composers This organization is focused on presenting diverse

diverse musical styles and traditions, including both classical and contemporary genres, to promote a greater understanding and appreciation of the rich and varied cultural heritage of the Asian and Pacific Islander communities. Since its founding in the summer of 2021, KU ACMI has already produced several concerts and hosted two international conferences, which brought together scholars, composers, performers, and music enthusiasts from around the world to share their insights and perspectives on AAAPI classical music. The initiative is also engaged in outreach efforts to raise awareness of AAAPI music and provide educational opportunities for musicians and students who are interested in exploring this genre. Through its various activities, the KU Asian Classical Music Initiative seeks to build bridges between cultures and communities and to foster greater understanding and appreciation of the unique artistic expressions of the AAAPI communities. Dr. Huang holds degrees from East China Normal University(B.A), Temple University(M.M), and the University of Kansas(D.M.A).

黄郑莺悦,旅美女高音歌唱家。华东师范大学音乐教育学士,天普大学声乐表演硕士,堪萨斯大学声乐表演博士, 同时担任堪萨斯大学音乐治疗以及音乐教育声乐课导师。先后师从男高音歌唱家李巍,女高音歌唱家Christine Donahue,Randi Marrazzo,Wendy Zaro-Mullins,Julia Broxholm,美国传奇女中音歌唱家Joyce Castle。曾在俄罗斯莫斯科柴可夫斯基音乐学院,俄罗斯国际艺术节,墨西哥圣米格尔美声学院,美国天普大学歌剧院,美国 LAH-SOW 明尼阿波利斯歌剧院,美国克里滕登歌剧工作室,美国兰洛克歌剧院,美国堪萨斯抒情歌剧院等地演出。她过去的角色包括The Medium《灵媒》的Baba, Falstaff《法斯塔夫》里的Nanetta,Don Giovanni《唐璜》里的zerlina, Carmen《卡门》里的Frasquita , Madama Butterfly《蝴蝶夫人》里的Cio-Cio-san in , Dido and Aeneas《迪多和埃涅阿斯》里的2nd Witch, Hänsel und Gretel《韩泽尔和格里特》的Mutter, The Magic Flute《魔笛》里的second lady,The Medium《灵媒》里的 Mrs. Gobineau,以及Suor Angelica《修女安杰丽卡》里的女主角安杰丽卡。黄博士在许多音乐会、大师班和独奏会上与其他艺术家和指挥合作,包括俄裔美籍指挥家Valéry Ryvkin,美国声乐艺术学院艺术指导钢琴家Elise Auerbach和Luke Housner,大都会歌剧院艺术指导Ted Taylor和Joshua Greene,明尼苏达歌剧院艺术指导Julian Ward,堪萨斯抒情歌剧院艺术指导Mark Ferrell,美国著名艺术指导Martin Katz,澳洲女指挥家Carolyn Watson等。她曾在上海(中国)、圣米格尔(墨西哥)、莫斯科(俄罗斯)、费城(美国)和劳伦斯(美国)等众多主要城市举办独唱会。她曾参与各种音乐节和比赛,并获得俄罗斯国际声乐比赛金奖的最高奖项。作为一个新音乐爱好者,她首演了过许多作曲家,其中包括柯蒂斯音乐学院教授陈可嘉,达特茅斯学院董夔教授的委约作品。2021年,她参与了室内歌剧Snow Angel《雪天使》的全球首演。作为学者,她受邀参加了国际女性音乐联盟论坛(IAWM),中西部亚洲事务论坛(MCAA)发表演讲。 黄博士是亚洲古典音乐倡议(ACMI)的创始人和执行董事,她发起成立了美国第一个由学生发起的宣传亚洲音乐家音乐的组织亚洲古典音乐倡议(ASIAN CLASSICAL MUSIC INITIATIVE),成功举办了多场音乐会音乐会,委约陈怡教授的作品,在2022与2023年先后在堪萨斯大学和罗格斯大学举办两次国际论坛,吸引了近两百位国际亚裔音乐人,学者的参与。除了歌剧,她还在奥地利因斯布鲁克的蒂罗尔国际钢琴学院担任钢琴家。黄博士曾担任亚洲歌剧联盟以及里德艺术表演中心的董事会成员,并担任堪萨斯大学音乐学院多元化、公平、包容、 和归属感DEIB委员会成员。黄博士目前担任国际女性音乐联盟,美国全国音乐教师协会,全国声乐教师协会会员。


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Orbifold 国际音乐节


Pstv News

0719 Orbifold國際音樂協會與M Music Group聯手舉辦國際音樂節


Orbifold 国际音乐比赛及音乐节尔湾成功举行


by Kui Dong, commission by the Asian Classical Music Initiative, Premier in the Nicolas Music Center, New Jersey.

Pianist: Yi- Yang Chen.

May16th, 2023

by Ke - Chia Chen, commission by the Asian Classical Music Initiative, Premier in the Swarthout Music Hall, Kansas.

Pianist: Yi- Yang Chen.

April 8th, 2022


An opera composed byBonnie McLarty with words by Wyatt Townley, explores the reclamation of personal identity and agency following a sexual assault of the female protagonist. 

Premier at Lied Center of Kansas, Kansas.

April 27th, 2021

2022 Spring Festival Celebration

Pianist: Peiyao Yu

Lied Center of Kansas, Kansas


Song for a Dark Girl&Martin Luther King Jr.

Pianist: Yi-Yang Chen

Violinst: Yi-Miao Huang

Lied Center of Kansas, Kansas

by Dorothy Rudd Moore

1. I Had No Thought of Violets of Late

5. Song for a Dark Girl

Adaption to Voice, Piano and Oboe

Piano: Yi-Yang Chen Oboe: Margeret Marco



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Board Member


Committee Member


Board Member

Music Lessons

Pink and Red Illustrated Singing Lessons Tear-off Flyer_edited.jpg

Hi! I am Elaine Huang, and I hold a Doctoral Degree in Voice Performance. I am a dedicated educator with over 12 years of experience teaching voice and piano in both China and the United States. I am an active member of the Music Teachers National Association (MTNA) and the National Association of Teachers of Singing (NATS). I have had the pleasure of guiding numerous students to success, including participants in competitions such as the Charleston International Voice Competition and the San Francisco Spotlight Competition, where some achieved First and Second Prize victories. I welcome students of all levels, from beginners to aspiring professionals, and  It's truly rewarding to witness how music resonates uniquely with each student and to assist them in developing their own musical insights, preferences, and motivations by connecting music to their personal experiences.

In addition to offering professional voice and piano instruction, I also provide a comprehensive education in music literature, music theory, and sight-reading. I am well-versed in various music genres, including classical, musical theater, jazz, pop, and contemporary, and I particularly enjoy teaching duets and small ensemble work. If circumstances permit, I may offer small group voice lessons and special musical performance rehearsals.

I offer lesson durations of 30 minutes, 45 minutes, and 60 minutes to accommodate different needs. For those unable to attend lessons in person, I also provide online lessons, which can save you the hassle of travel.

In my studio, we also host seasonal studio recital parties, which are open to all students but not mandatory. Students can choose to perform pieces they've learned during their lessons or showcase their own compositions. Students are encouraged to invite their families, friends, and even pets to these events. 

Furthermore, if a current student refers a new one, an additional discount can be included for both of you for once they successfully enroll in the studio. Your music journey is a personal and enriching experience, and I look forward to being a part of it!

大家好!我是Elaine Huang,持有音乐表演博士学位。我是一名教育工作者,拥有在中国和美国教授声乐和钢琴课程超过12年的经验。我是音乐教师国家协会(MTNA)和全美声乐教师协会(NATS)的积极成员。我有幸指导了许多学生取得成功,其中包括参加查尔斯顿国际声乐比赛和旧金山聚光灯比赛的学生,其中一些获得了第一和第二名的荣誉。我欢迎各个级别的学生,从初学者到有志成为专业人士的学生都可以参加。能够亲眼见证音乐如何与每位学生独特共鸣,并通过将音乐与他们个人经历联系起来,帮助他们培养自己的音乐见解、喜好和动力是令我非常欣慰的事情。







Studio owns  a limited edition 1910 Emerson Baby grand piano


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